Shopping is going online and with that comes the easy access to international wholesalers and suppliers from the comfort of your home.

Add to the mix that many islanders who reside abroad wish to purchase items from their island home with ease and comfort.

The South Pacific Mega Mall is the single biggest solution to this. We have created a mall of all South Pacific online merchants for the whole region for your ease of access.

If you’re looking for a certain product from a particular country, simply click on that country’s flag and you will be taken to an array of merchants to choose front.

If you’re searching businesses that will accept a certain type of credit card, simply click on the payment type and all merchants who accept that card will be shown to you.

The Mall is made easy for you by listing all online businesses from A-Z.

Help us to help you make it easier to shop from anywhere in the South Pacific and to support the local economies in the region.
Browse all Pasifika stores in one easy location – the South Pacific Mega Mall has arrived and has been tailor-made for your ease of experience.