One of the most important displays of affection for the survival of the Australian way of life. We celebrate Dick Smith and his very real core values.

Dick Smith exposes foreign booking sites for extorting millions from Australian small businesses in middle of drought.

Darryl Reeves champions Dick Smith's continual passion and cause in the protection of the Australian retail industry.

Darryl is the founder and the CEO of Australia’s first and only online shopping mall showcasing 100% Australian online stores. It is free for every Australian online store to be showcased with a guarantee every store will get page 1 exposure.

The Aussie Mega Mall is Australia’s only existing fightback against the self-proclaimed Emperors of the online world being Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and Trivago etc.

Dick Smith
Serial Entrepreneur
Champion of Australian Businesses.

Darryl Reeves
Serial Entrepreneur
Champion of Australian Businesses