Jump the queue, put your online store ahead of all other Australian online stores

Aussie Mega Mall can turbo charge your exposure

The Aussie Mega Mall has been well received by the media. With Amazon coming to our Australian shores and spruiking “we are going to destroy the Australian retail industry” makes the Aussie Mega Mall a hot attraction for so much more media coverage.

Watch a 1-min video showing our growth from 3,000 online stores to 32,000+ online stores in 5 months.

Mega Store features that simplify selling

100% Australian stores

The Aussie Mega Mall will only showcase 100% Australian stores. Stores that employ Australians and ship from Australia.

250+ shopping aisles

Shopping has never been easier with more than 250 aisles to shop in. No typing, just click an aisle and start shopping.

30,000+ Aussie stores

The largest collection of Australian online stores. More than 30,000 Australian online stores are being showcased.

Mega Store Location

Only 4 stores in the aisle of “.” can be a Mega Store sitting above all other stores in the aisle. It is the very best position in any aisle and is very limited.

Digital Business Card

Have your business card handed out and shared 24/7. When a shopper gets real excited about finding you they can tell all of their friends.

SMS Sharing

Exclusive to premium stores, your digital business card and contact details can be shared by SMS. No charges or fees apply.

Share via Social Pages

Let shoppers share your digital business card in every way possible. Get the shopper to your social pages in one easy click. Build up your likes, all built into your Premium location.

Payment Methods

Shoppers can now shop using their payment of choice. If they want to shop using VISA Card then they click the VISA card button and only stores accepting VISA card show up

Your own Mini Mall

When you find a good store then you just want to keep shopping in it. Click the heart icon of any store and that store will appear in your own Mini Mall.


Making changes it at your discretion. You can redirect your logo to any page on your website, update your social icons and change your payment methods and so much more.


How many clicks to your website, how many clicks to your social pages. Premium members get full analytics about their online store in a simple to read platform

Bartering old stock

The ‘Barter Room‘ lets you showcase old stock and tells all of the other store owners what you would like to swap it for. As a Premium member, you can showcase 10 items for FREE


Every month we will be holding a monthly virtual reality convention. Major speakers will update you on all things about e-commerce. You will receive as a Premium member 2 tickets valued at $99 each.

FREE gifts

We have created strategic partnerships with major Australian organisations. These partnerships will be giving you free rewards and gifts each month for being part of the Aussie Mega Mall. Many valued in the hundreds of dollars.

No Contracts

No Contracts, you can keep your Mega Store location for as long as you like, You have analytics to see your ROI. Your Mega Store location is secured on a month to month basis.

Congratulations you are able to secure one of the four
Mega Store locations in the aisle “.” before your competition does.

Monthly subscription | No contracts
Apply discount code (50OFF) for a 50% discount for every month for 12 months

Try the code ’50OFF’ for a 50% discount

Please select Aisle for subscription. Click her to see All Aisles

Why are we offering such a big discount?

The reaction to a virtual online shopping centre has been over whelming around the world. We are now launching the Mega Mall concept to many other countries and we want to use the Aussie Mega Mall as our flagship product. We will be showcasing the Aussie Mega Mall to thousands of online store owners all around the world. We have a significant backing that will see the Mega Mall platform appear in the following countries in the coming year. The heavily continuous discount will enable you to benefit from the massive price savings and us in being able to demonstrate what a full mall of 45,000+ stores looks like.