How does it work for Aussie shoppers

Shopping online has never been easier. We have united with more than 30,000 Australian online stores to give you the Aussie shopper the largest shopping centre in Australia.

Rich with features as shown below the Aussie Mega Mall is a shoppers paradise. No matter where the stores are in Australia the Aussie Mega Mall makes every shop a local shop. From large corporations to mom and pop stores all can be found easily with a simple touch or click.

Start shopping in 100% Australian online stores


Put your mouse over the ‘Start Shopping Here’ icon in the top left corner and more than 260 aisles will appear. Showcasing more than 30,000 Australian online stores from A to Z.


Every Australian online store has been made to look like and work like an app. Click or touch any app and you can start shopping in that store. Close the window and you are back in the Aussie Mega Mall to browse some more.


Shop until you drop. 30,000 Australian stores are ready and arranged to make shopping a fun experience. Nowhere else can you find only 100% Australian online stores showcased in an easy to use and browse shopping mall.


Open 24/7 the Aussie Mega Mall brings to you all of the Australian online stores in an easy to use platform. Popping in and out of online stores has never been easier.

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Find your favorite stores and click on the heart shape above each store. Next time you come back to shop all of your favorite stores will be waiting for you in one location..

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Discount shopping

Disclosed only to subscribed members are coupon codes for so many Australian online stores. Click to discover the code and enter at the checkout for great discounts.

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Red HOT deals

Exclusivly for members the Aussie Mega Mall will promote red hot deals from many of our Aussie Online Store owners. You can be notified by either email or SMS.