How to get notifications from the Swap Stock room

The Swap Stock Room has been designed for any Australian online store to move unwanted or old stock for little or no loss. Stock items can very quickly become outdated or hard to move.

Typically the solution has been to put those items at a reduced rate on your specials page, unfortunately, what this does is to enable your full retail purchasing customers to grab a bargain and secondly it dramatically reduces your margins and your bottom line.

The Swap Stock Room enables you to promote your unwanted stock items to other online store owners as a swap product. You can do a total swap, a partial product, and cash swap. Whatever works for you with no FEES or CHARGES.

How to get notifications in the Swap Stock Room

In your dashboard, you find the “NOTIFICATIONS” field titled “Notify me via SMS when I receive a Swap stock offer”. Add your mobile number to receive a notification when another store has shown interest in your Swap Stock listing.