Channel 9 loves what we do

"There is a new player in the retail world taking the fight up to international sites"

Channel Nine

Introducing the cash rewards

Make shopping a fun day is the Aussie Mega Mall way. Now with Cash Rewards. A unique way to shop.

Australia's largest online shopping centre

Introducing the Mega Malls Global.

Make shopping a fun day

Make shopping a fun day is the Aussie Mega Mall way. No parking hassles, no crowds, no wobbly trolley and no checkout lines.

Make shopping a fun day.

Say goodbye to the hassle

Launching our tagline. After extensive research, we concluded that the word hassle was voted number one as best describing the weekly shopping experience.

The Aussie Mega Mall lets you say goodbye to the hassle.

Amazon is here

There is no mistaking Amazons agenda. They have set their sites on their public mission statement “We are going to destroy the retail environment in Australia

We wanted to put pictures to words and this certainly does paint destruction.

Online shopping is so easy

Everyone loves monkeys but more so when they make doing what we do look easy. Add online shopping to the mix and the Aussie Mega Mall is the easiest way to shop.

The EARTH'S largest...

We wanted the capture the sheer size of the Mega Mall. The idea was to portray that the Aussie Mega Mall is so big it can be seen from space.

A comical twist was added to dilute the factual element.

Bonding over beer...

The emphasis here was the enticing and mesmerising bubbles rising against the amber glow of a glass of beer.

A close-up shot was used so not to interrupt the visual. Adding the heavy drums created a territorial feel capturing the moment of bonding when drinking beers with friends.

The morning kick starter

This was the first video emphasising that Aussie Mega Mall is the solution. It will be a common trait in most future videos. The slow pace of cascading coffee beans emulates the feeling of need for a kick starter.

The video is ended with a subtle logo placement.

The Swap Stock experience

High impact with global access is highlighted with a top of view experience. The man standing in the centre is communicating to an abundant audience who, in turn, is communicating with him. The music is a play from the X Files.

Why regional Australia?| The great outback

Outback Australia is the fastest growing online sales region in Australia and closing in on the world figures.

The Australia Post press release best sums up why the Aussie Mega Mall is focussing on providing residents of regional towns their very own Shopping Mall. They now have Australia’s largest online shopping centre in their pocket.

Regional and rural online shoppers are driving a parcel boom that is buoying the business of Australia Post.

Regional retail is evolving and people are buying more online, filling the regional delivery depots of Australia Post with everything from small cosmetics to car parts.

Ben Franzi is the general manager of eCommerce and digital parcel services at Australia Post.

“If I’m living in Kalgoorlie, I probably don’t have as good an access to retailers as I might if I’m living in Perth,” he said.

“So that desire for products, for range and convenience and price, really lends to someone in Kalgoorlie buying a lot more online.”

Regional Australia being towns like; Tennant Creek, Alice Springs, Mt Isa, Ceduna, Port Augusta and Katherine to name a few are booming with online parcel deliveries.

Imparja, Win and 9GO coverage

Our television campaign to regional Australia each week.

A Bit About Imparja

Imparja Television is unique in the fact that it’s an independent station located in Alice Springs. They boast the largest footprint in the southern hemisphere with an audience of over 1,000,000.

They now broadcast 3 stations – Imparja, GO! and GEM and all are available for your advertising message. Imparja covers six states and territories, throughout the Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

7 am to 9 am

Duration 30 Seconds

Sunday to Saturday

10 Spots

Today Show

9 am to 4 pm

Duration 30 Seconds

Sunday to Saturday

15 Spots


5 pm to 11:30 pm

Duration 30 Seconds

Sunday to Saturday

5 Spots


A Bit About 9GO

9Go! is an Australian free-to-air digital television multichannel, which was launched by the Nine Network on 9 August 2009.

It is a youthful channel that offers a mix of comedy, reality, general entertainment, movies, animation and drama aimed at people between the ages of 16 to 39, as well as kids.

Nine announced that it had signed a new affiliation deal with Southern Cross Austereo on 29 April 2016, replacing WIN Television as the primary Nine affiliate starting 1 July 2016. Consequently, 9Go! will be broadcast by Southern Cross into Regional Queensland, Southern NSW/ACT, Regional Victoria and Spencer Gulf SA/Broken Hill NSW on channel 53.

6 am to 6 pm

Duration 30 Seconds

Sunday to Saturday

20 Spots


6 pm to 10:30 pm

Duration 30 Seconds

Sunday to Saturday

20 Spots


A Bit About 9GEM

9Gem is an Australian free-to-air digital television multichannel, launched by the Nine Network in September 2010. It is a General Entertainment and Movies channel, the phrase from which the original name “GEM” is derived.

GEM has also aired live sporting broadcasts in various markets including various Rugby Union World Cup matches in 2011, as well as portions of Nine’s Cricket telecast (whilst the 6:00 pm news airs on the main Nine channel). Since 2012, GEM has televised live National Rugby League (NRL) matches into Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania,[11] therefore putting it head-to-head with Seven/7mate’s live Australian Football League (AFL).

9 am to 5 pm

Duration 30 Seconds

Sunday to Saturday

20 Spots


5 pm to 10:30 pm

Duration 30 Seconds

Sunday to Saturday

20 Spots