Wrap-Up of Celebrating Fiji's 50th Independence Day

16 October 2020

As the virtual trade expo for Fiji@50 concludes today, I wish to share how excited I am about the South Pacific’s digital age. Especially about the virtual solutions and digital innovations coming from various Pasifika nations (excerpt from Fiji Consulate General & Trade Commission video).

Fiji Consulate General & Trade Commission

10 October 2020

South Pacific Mega Mall was part of the “Fiji’s National Day 2020” program in celebrating Fiji Day today alongside PM Bainimarama, diplomats, ministers, rugby greats and the sports community to commemorate Fiji’s 50th anniversary of independence; timeslot between 24:56 – 25:29.

Tongan Pasifika TV & News

22 September 2020

Broadcast by host, Sulieni Layt, for the Tongan community around the world, South Pacific Mega Mall shared how our platform will benefit Tongan businesses and all merchants from the South Pacific region.

Pacific Media Network Fijian Radio

3 October 2020

New Zealand broadcaster, Kelepi Abariga, gave the South Pacific Mega Mall an opportunity to share our story on their global radio platform in my mother tongue.

Fiji Sun Newspaper

22 September 2020

South Pacific Mega Mall featured in the Fiji Sun newspaper regarding the roll-out of South Pacific Mega Mall across the region.

November 2020 Update

19 November 2020

The South Pacific Mega Mall is for you and about you, it’s about connecting businesses from the islands with shoppers and consumers from around the world. Send in your details, be a part of the “Spotlight on a Pasifika Enterprise” segment and let us do the rest of showcasing your goods or services.

Launch of E-Newsletter

28 September 2020

Launch of monthly e-newsletters as of this Wednesday, 30th of September then every last business day of the month thereafter.

Add Your Online Business for FREE

18 September 2020

If you have an online business anywhere in the South Pacific region or you are based in Australia, fill out the “Add Your Store” form for FREE to be a part of this growing platform so you can be found by shoppers & consumers from around the world.

Launch of Pasifika Businesses in Australia

11 September 2020

ALL Pasifika businesses & stores in Australia can now be found in this one-stop shop! Whether you’re looking for Fijian food, Tongan TV & News or Samoan leis, they can all be found in the South Pacific Mega Mall under the Aussie flag.

Intro from the Founder and Chief Executive Officer

4 September 2020

A quick introduction from the founder of the South Pacific Mega Mall, Miriam Ratu.

One Region Under One Roof

1 September 2020

We are the very first of its kind bringing together the South Pacific region under one virtual roof, promoting stores & businesses from 24 island nations.

South Pacific Mega Mall Launch

27 August 2020

After beta-testing the digital infrastructure for over 2 years, South Pacific Mega Mall will launch on the 1st of September 2020, connecting online merchants from 24 island nations around the South Pacific region with shoppers and consumers from around the world.