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February 2018

Taking the Mega Mall platform global


Darryl the CEO, Neil the Strategic Partnership Manager and friend and investor Arvid Vanags have a chat

Introducing the Mega Mall Ambassador

I love it so much I bought into it...

Kathy Sheeran is a self- confessed ‘shopaholic’ and the editor of the recently launched online Monthly Magazine Shopping Confessions, the popular magazine has received over 200,000 views in the first 4 months. The magazine is a one-stop-shop for what’s hot and what’s not for you and the whole family.

Kathy has quickly become the ‘online shopping guru’ for Australia and is heavily in demand to share her knowledge on the subject. There is hardly a week that goes by without Kathy commenting on shopping trends on primetime TV from ‘A Current Affair’ to ‘The Morning Show’, with her own segment ‘Bag a Bargain’.

Kathy Sheeran has joined the Mega Mall team to become their international Ambassador. “In all my years of demonstrating all the things that are new to the online shopping arena I have never been more excited than what the Aussie Mega Mall can do to the Australian retail market,” said Kathy.

When the Aussie Mega Mall was first brought to my attention I had the wow moment, so impressed was I that I invested in the company behind it“.

First international partner

Strategic Partnership Manager Neil and the CEO of BBX Carolin MacDonald

The Aussie Mega Mall is excited to announce our first international partnership arrangement. BBX International is recognised as being the world leader of the barter exchange currency. CEO Carolin MacDonald said, “we are so excited to be partnered up with the Mega Mall platform together with our 11 international offices. The Mega Mall platform is, without doubt, the most innovative shopping platform on the web today“.

The first international office outside of Australia to become partnered up with the Mega Mall Global platform is the UK Mega Mall. “We have several thousand members who will rejoice in being showcased on the Mega Mall platforms around the world,” said Carolin.

“We so impressed with the Mega Mall concept we are paying the first 3 months of subscription on behalf of our members globally,” said Carolin.

The international partnership with BBX is a significant introduction to the Mega Mall platform on a global scale.

The partnership will see the Mega Mall platform introduced to the BBX members immediately.

Another feature

Enriching the user experience

Continuing the philosophy of ensuring the Mega Mall platform will continue to evolve, another feature has been launched.

Every online store including the free stores can now add a coupon code to their digital business card. The coupon code can be clicked and instantly applied to the checkout at the time of purchase.

CEO Darryl Reeves said” the coupon trend in the USA is fast becoming the same in Australia, as a shopping mall we needed to activate this very exciting feature

In 2016, the total number of coupons distributed in the United States was 307 billion.

Singapore could be the first

We are getting noticed by the boardrooms of global corporations

If only Kodak had decided to create a digital camera, if only Video Ezy had adopted streaming and if only the Hyatt group had created an online booking form.

Many companies rested on their existing products and did not evolve with trends and diversify. There is no question that Yellow Pages is one of the most recognised global brands but it is common knowledge that the once strangle hold they held on directory market share is rapidly diminishing.

The Singapore group behind the Singapore Yellow Pages have made significant inroads to diversify their portfolio and products. This has led to communications being opened up between Singapore Yellow Pages and the Mega Mall brand. The discussion will enhance the prospect of a Singapore Mega Mall being independently owned.

Although this is at an early stage it has acknowledged that the Mega Mall brand and product being received with enthusiasm and respect on a global market.

UK Online Shopping is booming

UK is the second-largest online shopping market in Europe

The market for online shopping is growing at a remarkable rate. Approximately 87% of U.K. consumers have bought at least one product online in the last 12 months, and the United Kingdom is second only to Norway for making e-commerce purchases in Europe. Across the world, nations such as China and the United States are the biggest online buyers, but other countries are catching up. In the coming 12 months, the market potential for British e-commerce is expected to improve dramatically. According to data from the Office for National Statistics, online sales increased by 21.3% during 2016 and should reach 30% by 2017’s second half.

This incredible growth in the online retail shopping in the UK and expedited the launch of the UK Mega Mall.

One of the Australian staff members has relocated to England to launch the UK Mega Mall in the coming month. The UK Mega Mall has been built and now we will introduce the Mall to UK store owners.

Mobile buying will continue to increase in 2017, according to industry analysts. The tipping point for mobile was reached in the first quarter of 2016 and currently accounts for just over half of all online purchases. This makes the online retail market a very desirable and profitable one to be in. Studies show that by 2018, 18% of all retail sales will take place online and by 2040, it is thought 95% of purchases will be facilitated by e-commerce. If these transactions are happening on mobile devices, companies will need to be ready to meet the demand and to step up their mobile sales efforts.

When the Christmas sales figures landed in January, mobile sales accounted for 42.3% of all purchases made – creating a value to the retail economy of 8.8 billion pounds ($10.7 billion). An Adobe study found that for every 10 pounds spent online during the holiday season, 4.10 pounds came from mobile purchases. By Christmas of this year, economic analysts are predicting the balance will tip and mobile will account for over half of holiday spending.

Aussie Mega Mall goes NATIONAL

Size does matter

We have run out of room

The rapid growth in interest from the national media, the international corporations, and the growing online stores has stretched our humble office.

We are needing more desks, more customers service personnel and more salespeople.

We have found a funky and very spacious office complex on the Gold Coast that will accommodate our needs for the next 24 months.

We expect to take occupancy in the next few weeks.

The size and location will enable us to entice the most talented personnel on the Gold Coast.

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