Spotlight on "Oshin Organics"

23 November 2020

Made with lots of love and hand-crafted with care in the pristine islands of Papua New Guinea, Oshin Organics is bountiful with organic-based coconut products for your hair, body and lips 🇵🇬 🥥

These gorgeous products are not solely for your health and beauty, but are also medicinal and therapeutic. And your fur babies? Well, they have been taken care of too with their very own organic pet care range 🐾

For those in Queensland, Australia, come and meet Erni at either the:
🇦🇺 Burleigh Markets on Saturdays; or
🇦🇺 Brisbane Vegan Markets on Sundays.

For an online browse and to buy yourself or loved ones some goodies for Christmas, you can shop online from Shopify or direct from Oshin’s website below.

Tune in for some gems from Oshin Organics:

Spotlight on "Island Rose Dream"

4 November 2020

This week’s SPOTLIGHT ON A PASIFIKA ENTERPRISE is a testament to the amazing virtual world we live in as I had the immense pleasure of interviewing Rosie Akauola, who is of Tongan heritage, sharing with us all the way from Germany whilst her business, Island Rose Dream, is running in Melbourne, Australia.

In this valuable dialogue, Rosie shares her:
➡️ inspiration behind Island Rose Dream;
➡️ initiative to support youth and women from certain villages in Tonga; and
➡️ views on the importance of Pasifika women supporting each other in business.

Island Rose Dream offers:
🇹🇴 Tongan Coconut Beauty Body Oils
🇹🇴 Tongan Coconut Beauty Sugar Scrubs
🇹🇴 Tropical Coconut Handmade Soaps

Tune in for some gems from Island Rose Dream:

Spotlight on "GreenMan" Matthias Gelber

28 October 2020

To wrap up ‘Global Climate Change Week,’ we are incredibly honoured to have had a dialogue with Matthias Gelber, who was voted the “Greenest Person on the Planet.”

Matthias is an impactful public speaker on environmental and sustainability issues who started a successful environmental consulting company in 1999. Currently based in the Phillipines, Matthias shares his views on:

✅ Climate change in the South Pacific region;
✅ Tips on how we can go green and reduce our carbon footprint; and
✅ How we can help the planet through our buying behaviour.

Tune in for GreenMan’s perspective on a more sustainable green Earth.

Spotlight on "Pacific Koro Farms"

21 October 2020

In this weekly segment of SPOTLIGHT ON A PASIFIKA ENTERPRISE, we are honoured to have had a “talanoa” (dialogue) session with co-owners of Pacific Koro Farms (PKF), Aisea Volavola & Lily Vallance, all the way from Koro Island, Fiji, who both shared so many golden nuggets on their:

➡️ short-term and long-term vision for PKF;
➡️ “Loloma Initiative”that gives back to their community such as building a brand new flush toilet for one of their elders; and an
➡️ eye-opening view on the silver lining in our post-COVID world where farming enterprises and the agricultural sector in Fiji and the Pacific could work towards being self-suffient and self-reliant.

Tune in for some gems from Pacific Koro Farms: