With more than 30,000 Australian online stores it can be a little difficult to get noticed. The Aussie Mega Mall has been created to showcase 100% Australian online stores only, rich with features, it makes an online shopping experience so much more fun. Shopping like it should be.

There are 4 locations available in the Aussie Mega Mall and spaces are very limited.


Top line premium location, only 4 stores can be a MEGA STORE.


2nd line premium location, only 5 stores can be a SUPER STORE.


3rd line premium location, only 6 stores can be a BOUTIQUE STORE.


4th line and beyond, an unlimited number of stores can be a FREE STORE.

Can I upgrade now?

You can upgrade at any time.

If you want to move up from a Free Store to a Boutique Store, Super Store or Mega Store then follow these steps.

1. Go to you preferred aisle, eg: Camping, Baby Supplies, Perfume etc.
2. Select a “Add Your Store Here” logo and click
3. Complete the transaction
4. Your logo will then be upgraded to that location.
5. If you are moving from one paid location to another then the difference in premium will be refunded for any unused term period.

Are there any specials offers?

We would love to see you secure a premium location above your competition.

To make it so much easier we are offering a 50% discount ( add the discount code “50OFF” at checkout) on the monthly premium. That is a 50% discount for each month for the first 12 months.

We don’t do contracts thus allowing you the easiest way to secure a location without the commitment of 12-month contracts.

Additionally, we are offering you a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked.